Letting Go of Guilt

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photo credit google images For the past year I have been living with Guilt. I had a friend who was like a sister to me. I loved and adored her. We could laugh like no other. We have tried to save her from a horrific marriage. Honestly the only good thing was her beautiful children. I have their pictures through out my home. They are family. ... Read More →

Veterans Day

veterans day

This year Veterans Day has taken on a new meaning for our family. It is the year my husband is deployed. Another first in our military career. I am appalled our school has school today. I kept my children home. If they had not been sick we would have gone to the Veterans Hospital passing out the cards they made and thanked the service members. ... Read More →

Olaf Wall Friends


Since Paul has been deployed life has been crazy and hectic for us as a family. I am one person being dragged a hundred different directions at thousand miles an hour. One thing I count on is sleep. I know it is a commodity . I truly need at least 6 hours of sleep a night otherwise my body is thrown. You know life being sick but I know what I have ... Read More →

Larry The Cable Guy


Our family owes a debt of gratitude to Larry The Cable Guy. We have been fans of his for years. So much so I left my 2 month old to go see him and enjoy a night out. I had been cleaning one night and happened to find Nate's bucket list. So he said "Momma take a picture and tell Larry about my list" Sure son. Told him not to be upset if Larry ... Read More →

WeMontage Review


So I have had this wonderful opportunity to work with WeMontage. WeMontage allows you to take your cell phone photos and put them on removeable wallpaper. I have to say I absolutely love this product. It is on it's way to Paul. I waited to send it to him for when he moved his clue aka shipping crate that he is currently living in. You would think ... Read More →

100 days

100 days. We have so many more to go. We tick each day off in the morning. The boys shake their heads and say we got this. We are unsure of how many days we truly have left. I know when He returns that things will be different. That he will have seen things to make him different. This I am ok with. I am not sure how you can be in 3rd world country ... Read More →

zBoost Mobile Review


I am in love with the zBoost mobile. It boost your signal. Most of the way to Nebraska you do not have a signal. Hello mid west. Being a military spouse with a husband who is deployed my cell phone is my life line to him. He calls every day and at certain times. So I know when to expect him to call. Unfortunately I can't always be at home to ... Read More →

Jeresy Belle

Jersey Belle premiered earlier this month on Bravo TV. I have come to love this show. It is unlike the other reality shows that are out. Seriously. I have watched housewives of New Jersey and OC. While I can watch or not watch those shows. If I know I am going to be out late on Jersey Belle night I record it and come straight home to watch. I ... Read More →

Happy Birthday Blake


My goodness little man where has the time gone? 11 years ago today you made your way into this world. The day you were born you were surrounded by people who love you so very much. You had a very excited Grandma who got to witness your birth in the the OR with Daddy and I. Which is normally not allowed. Your Pop Pop was waiting in our room. The ... Read More →

zBoost mobile


I am excited to be working with ZBoost Mobile. Living in Kansas I have learned that in some places the cell signal just stinks. That I feel like the guy from Verizon commercial can you hear me now? How about now? Well zBoost is designed to boost your signal. I have been trying it out these last few weeks. I am loving the results. I have two more ... Read More →