Counting Your Blessings

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Each day I wake up. I grab my cup of coffee and roll through my Facebook stream. Each morning I see people posting this is racist, this is offensive, and the complaint list rolls on. Yet the thing that gets me is that the people complaining are not doing anything to promote change. It is constant negativity. Am I guilty of complaining? Of course! I ... Read More →

All Creatures Big and Small Review

We got to review All Creatures Big and Small. This movie tells the tale of Noah's Ark. A new species of Nestrians have been left off the list. They are led by Dave and his son Finny. They come up with disguises to sneak on the boat. In the excitement of doing so Finny accidentally steps off the boat and is left behind. Finny meets some new friends ... Read More →

Family Fun weekend


This weekend we shared with Paul and The Tinkey family the joys of the Peterson Farm Bros. You know them from their viral farming videos such as I'm Farming and I Know It, Farmers Style and their newest video Takin Care of Livestock. They are a wealth of knowledge. When you go out to the farm you go to their grandparents house both whom have ... Read More →

cloudpets Review


I have had the opportunity to review Cloudpets. Let me tell you these little guys are awesome. With my husband being military and gone often he can send each child message. This product is amazing. I have been sharing with all our military friends. I wish we had this during deployment but facing separation again due to the military we now have ... Read More →

Lessons Learned in Marriage

Paul and I attended his Military Ball earlier this month. We were the oldest people at the table. When did that happen? We were surrounded by 18-20 year olds. All of whom asked how long we had been married and a few jaws dropped when I said  how long. They all joked how do you survive it with him? My response wine lots of wine. In honesty it is not ... Read More →

13 years later


13 years ago we woke up and got ready for one of the biggest days of our lives. We were getting married. So many betting against us. Oh it won't last a year or I give you 2 years tops. We went to the park. We waited for the JP to arrive. We also waited for the rest of the family to arrive. We walked that park and talked about our hopes and our ... Read More →

The Sassy Pecan


I happened to be looking at Facebook one day and saw an ad for The Sassy Pecan. It is a family owned pecan candy operation. Let me tell you they are delish. As I have been talking with the owner we have found we have a few things in common. One being the love of the military. We both have loved ones serving. If you know anyone from the south ... Read More →

Happy Birthday Grandma


Today is my Grandma's birthday. She is one of my most favorite people in the world. I know I can call day or night and she will listen. She has always been a support from helping my mom raise us. To helping me raise my boys. She is the one I turn to when the military has pissed me off yet again. She reminds me the importance of what my husbands job ... Read More →

Throw Back Thursday


I so miss this family. These kiddos are like me nieces and nephews. Their mom my best friend. While things get hard and we have to say goodbye we always find our way back. She is a friend that will forever be apart of our lives. She has more strength than she thinks. Love you My J.R. Zia loves you Nico, Jeannie Beanie, My Vito and Little Diva. ... Read More →

Hometown Hero


Sunday February 1st we got to see the Harlem Globetrotters. What was special about this visit with the Harlem Globetrotters was the team honored my husband. They teamed up with Military Veteran Project. At each game The Harlem Globetrotters will honor a Hometown Hero. It was an amazing experience and a great way for our family to reconnect after ... Read More →

Hello Soldier


We recently got our soldier home. It has been an adjustment. I sat back last night looking back on our photos and the relief. 247 days was long enough for me.  The time away allowed me think of how lucky we are to have Paul in our life. As it got closer to him get home the wait seemed to drag on. Didn't seem to help that every time I turned around ... Read More →

Things I Miss

I was sitting last night when I should have been sleeping thinking about all the things I have missed while my husband is deployed. Lack of sleep thanks to this nagging cough has allowed a lot of thinking time. So I compiled a list 1. I miss the random times he walks by and kisses my forehead while I  clean or cook. At time just sitting and ... Read More →