Happy Birthday Grandma


Today is my Grandma's birthday. She is one of my most favorite people in the world. I know I can call day or night and she will listen. She has always been a support from helping my mom raise us. To helping me raise my boys. She is the one I turn to when the military has pissed me off yet again. She reminds me the importance of what my husbands job ... Read More →

Throw Back Thursday


I so miss this family. These kiddos are like me nieces and nephews. Their mom my best friend. While things get hard and we have to say goodbye we always find our way back. She is a friend that will forever be apart of our lives. She has more strength than she thinks. Love you My J.R. Zia loves you Nico, Jeannie Beanie, My Vito and Little Diva. ... Read More →

Hometown Hero


Sunday February 1st we got to see the Harlem Globetrotters. What was special about this visit with the Harlem Globetrotters was the team honored my husband. They teamed up with Military Veteran Project. At each game The Harlem Globetrotters will honor a Hometown Hero. It was an amazing experience and a great way for our family to reconnect after ... Read More →

Hello Soldier


We recently got our soldier home. It has been an adjustment. I sat back last night looking back on our photos and the relief. 247 days was long enough for me.  The time away allowed me think of how lucky we are to have Paul in our life. As it got closer to him get home the wait seemed to drag on. Didn't seem to help that every time I turned around ... Read More →

Things I Miss

I was sitting last night when I should have been sleeping thinking about all the things I have missed while my husband is deployed. Lack of sleep thanks to this nagging cough has allowed a lot of thinking time. So I compiled a list 1. I miss the random times he walks by and kisses my forehead while I  clean or cook. At time just sitting and ... Read More →

Little Twig Review


We were sent samples of the little Twig lavender bath wash and calming lotion. These are geared more for the infant and toddler range. It has made a world of difference with my youngest bed time routine. He gets up in the morning and showers. Then at night he uses the lavender bath wash and lotion to start his calming time. He really enjoyed the ... Read More →

Santa Sent Me A Letter


I am currently working with SantaSentMeALetter.com. I love this business as it 100% family owned and operated. It is an amazing site. They have letters from Santa for every family member. Paul received the letter to the spouse. I have to say I absolutely loved it. I will share his as soon as he sends me photos. With him on missions it may not ... Read More →

Trees For Troops

The holidays can be really hard on a military family. You are away from family and friends. A spouse maybe deployed. FedEx and Christmas Spirit foundation are looking to bring holiday cheer to military families. They have partnered up again for Trees For Troops. I think this is so Awesome. If we had not already put up our tree we would be going to ... Read More →

Great Wolf Lodge

The boys and I will be headed to Great Wolf Lodge in a few weeks. The boys have no idea they will be going. I wanted to do something with them for fun. To take a break from the craziness that is deployment. I also wanted to share with fellow wives of the Armed Forces that while your spouse is gone you do not have to be afraid to travel and make new ... Read More →

Letting Go of Guilt

EmilysQuotes.Com-unknown-learning-life-letting-go-guilt-anger-love-loss-betrayal-change-sad (2)

photo credit google images For the past year I have been living with Guilt. I had a friend who was like a sister to me. I loved and adored her. We could laugh like no other. We have tried to save her from a horrific marriage. Honestly the only good thing was her beautiful children. I have their pictures through out my home. They are family. ... Read More →

Veterans Day

veterans day

This year Veterans Day has taken on a new meaning for our family. It is the year my husband is deployed. Another first in our military career. I am appalled our school has school today. I kept my children home. If they had not been sick we would have gone to the Veterans Hospital passing out the cards they made and thanked the service members. ... Read More →

Olaf Wall Friends


Since Paul has been deployed life has been crazy and hectic for us as a family. I am one person being dragged a hundred different directions at thousand miles an hour. One thing I count on is sleep. I know it is a commodity . I truly need at least 6 hours of sleep a night otherwise my body is thrown. You know life being sick but I know what I have ... Read More →